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Washington, NC

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Washington Parks and Recreation Department is to encourage active, healthy living and environmental preservation through the provision of parks, facilities, open spaces, programs, and special events. The department is committed to safety and serving the diverse citizens and visitors of Washington with a dedicated professional staff.

About Us

Administrative offices are located at 102 E 2nd Street, Washington. For more information call (252) 975-9367 for more information or click here to send us an email.

Where oh where is pumpkin today?

He is taking a walk on the City Greenway.

As you drive by you'll see him here in one piece.

He may be surrounded by flocks full of geese!
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Clue 12 and 13 didn’t post, so if you are playing along we don’t want you to miss out...

Clue 12 - Senior Center
Clue 13 - 15th Street Basketball Court & Oakdale Center.
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Clue 11:

One thing's for certain
Our pumpkin gets around.
He's been seen at the old ball fields
On the west side of town.
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Clue 10:

Where has our pumpkin run off to today?

Could it be in the park by the OLD PSJ?

This park has a beautiful walking trail,

It's great place for keeping fit and well
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Recreation Advisory Committee

The members of the Recreation Advisory Committee shall be participants or past participants of Parks and Recreation Department activities and/or programs and shall be citizens of recognized ability and good judgment and standing, which, in the opinion of the City Council, can and will perform their official duties to the best interest of the city and the participants of the city Parks and Recreation Department activities. All efforts will be extended by the City Council to select individuals who are thus qualified and who represent the populous of the city and county.

Council Liaison: Councilman Richard Brooks

Staff Liaison: Kristi Roberson, Parks & Recreation Director

Number of Members: 9

Term In Years: 3

Duties: To act as an advisory body to the City Council, City Manager, and Director of Parks and Recreation. The Committee shall review all policy changes occurring within the Parks and Recreation Department operation. The Committee shall also perform other duties as the Council may direct. Decisions made by the Committee shall be consistent with all codes and policies of the city and the city Parks and Recreation Department. The Committee shall have a regular meeting each month, date and time to be decided at the organizational meeting, with special meetings called by the chairman

Meeting Day: Third Monday of each month

Meeting Time: 5:30 p.m.

Meeting Location: Council Chambers, 2nd Floor of City Hall, 102 East 2nd Street